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Survival World 0.2 DEBUG

Hello, the complete version of survival world 0.2 will come out at the end of the month, but i am releasing a debug version.

Because of the fact that its a debug version, all of the functions that i want are not programmed all the way yet. So sadly the changelog isn’t working yet.

Though i think you will be happy with the new things that are added!

Download it here


1 Structure to explore, the abandoned home.

A set of tools and cursors to go with them.

A chest at the beginning of every world to give you an axe.

A new sprite for trees and silcone.

A inventory to hold 1 tool and 1 object.

Improved world generator.

Lastly, the title was fixed.


Scripting round 2!

This round includes 3 new script! It was kind of rushed. This round includes.

Better Battle

Matt-Core Engine

Matt-Core Addon: Extra Random


Request  new scripts in the comments!

By the way! I am working on a global vocab system, where instead of going through all your scripts and fishing out the vocab to edit it! You just edit one file and its over with!