Survival World 0.2 DEBUG

Hello, the complete version of survival world 0.2 will come out at the end of the month, but i am releasing a debug version.

Because of the fact that its a debug version, all of the functions that i want are not programmed all the way yet. So sadly the changelog isn’t working yet.

Though i think you will be happy with the new things that are added!

Download it here


1 Structure to explore, the abandoned home.

A set of tools and cursors to go with them.

A chest at the beginning of every world to give you an axe.

A new sprite for trees and silcone.

A inventory to hold 1 tool and 1 object.

Improved world generator.

Lastly, the title was fixed.



New game in Library

I have finally finished the 0.1 version of a new game of mine called, “Survival World” which is a RPG with sandbox elements, kind of like Don’t Starve, it will be added to the game library, and updated at an rapid pace, the one that is released is the 0.1 update, but here is the current changelog of the 0.2


Even more random worlds

Tools that are required for getting anything

A starting chest, (Provides a basic axe)

Improved cursor, which changes depending on the tool selected.

Improved less laggy world generator.

A menu that allows you to choose: Free Building Mode and Survival of the Fittest mode.

Basic enemies with no AI, and a health bar.

Lastly, a inventory system, to hold items.