Volunteering Rules

Here are the rules about volunteering;

You MUST have atleast 3-4 months of practice.

You MUST work for free.

You MUST be willing to have your work looked at and expained.

and lastly

You must be the age 14 or older.

Do NOT volunteer if;

You can’t draw,

You want to be paid

You are younger then 14 and lastly

You must have experience with the section you are working on.


Scripting round 2!

This round includes 3 new script! It was kind of rushed. This round includes.

Better Battle

Matt-Core Engine

Matt-Core Addon: Extra Random


Request  new scripts in the comments!

By the way! I am working on a global vocab system, where instead of going through all your scripts and fishing out the vocab to edit it! You just edit one file and its over with!